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Ain’t no high heel high enough. - Christian Louboutin

Ain’t no high heel high enough. - Christian Louboutin

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3.15 Time Is On My Side

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PSA. Selective RP’ing. 


okay so i’m going to just make a post about being a selective RP’er and if you’re going to be judgmental and offensive about it i suggest you get the fuck out. 

so not only have i seen (and received) an influx in anon hate i’ve also the primary reason for it being because RP’ers are stating they’re ‘selective’ okay so let me just give you a few reasons why they say this.
         1. people like you back them worried and only want to
              RP with the people they know well and trust/have
              RP’ed with for a while.
          2. have anxiety, dislike a busy dash, prefer to keep their
               RP partners to a minimum for easier and more
               enjoyable times.
          3. mass followers and are physically unable to RP with
               them all so only reply to a few of their opens due to

But what gets me the most is that im actually having to make this post in the first place. RP’ing should be fun. People shouldn’t have to explain their reasons for choosing to RP in a certain way. And at the end of the day it’s the people to complain about them being ‘stuck up’ and ‘rude’ and ‘make others feel bad and shitty’ that cause so many people to be selective. 

It isn’t because we think we’re better. It isn’t because we hate anyone. It isn’t because we dislike their character. It’s purely because we want to make RP’ing an enjoyable and nice experience which lately isn’t happening. 

If you get anon hate or anyone telling you what you’re doing is wrong, ignore it. Blank it out, turn anon off. Because it isn’t worth it. RP’ing is for your enjoyment.

So much this, but also I want to add that I recently saw a post saying something along the lines of: “being selective isn’t an excuse to ignore anyone” and ranting about people not responding with “no, thanks” etc. when asked to roleplay by someone they don’t wish to rp with. The gist of it was that apparently it can make someone feel bad to perceive they were ignored rather than just being let down easy. Which, yeah, that’s true, but it’s nowhere near as simple as that.

Allow me to explain: social anxiety can make the idea of saying no to someone feel like choosing whether to press the big red button when you know that it could blow up the entire planet. Sure, it might just turn on the air conditioning; but, hey, it may also implode the entire planet and end humanity as we know it. Hyperbole, of course, but that’s literally how it feels for someone afraid to turn another down yet unwilling to make themselves uncomfortable by agreeing to do a thing.

Nobody owes anybody else attention, nor should you expect someone who’s already listed as private, semi-private, or selective to be the pinnacle of anxiety-free socialization. Chances are very high that it’s related to anxiety and seeking comfort away from that. And even if it isn’t: we have to be aware that the potential of our feelings being hurt does not in any way detract from the fact that the other person involved is a human being as well who also has feelings which matter.

And, really, it isn’t the end of the world because someone is selective and chooses not to roleplay with you. (Nobody is entitled to anything; this is a hobby and we all have free will.) There are plenty more fish in the sea; keep trying. Or just enjoy their writing for what it is, without feeling like you have to be in on the action. I can’t even begin to list all the amazing writers I can’t find time or courage to roleplay with but follow for the sake of seeing their quality writing on my dash.

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Reblog if you are willing to roleplay crossovers between fandoms; friendships, enemies, rivals, love interests, or any and all in between!


Reblog if you are willing to roleplay crossovers between fandoms; friendships, enemies, rivals, love interests, or any and all in between!

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     I said I'd fight { B A C K },

I didn't say that I'd fight { F A I R }.

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Send me ‡ for my character’s reaction to yours climbing into bed with mine. 

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                                                I could
                                c     o     r     r     u      p     t
                                           it would be
                                e              a               s            y

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imagreatthief asked,
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Send me a ツ to see a tweet my muse would post/make about yours 

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